The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Tomorrow, I will be making a change which will redirect all access to the wsprnet community drupal web site (this site) from to You may need to login again to create a new session. This is in preparation to move the interactive user site to another server to improve performance and separate that functionality from spot reporting.

Site changes for new WSPR FST4W modes

Since around version 2.1.1 wsjt-x has been uploading a `mode` value that WSPRNet has not been consuming. With the advent of new FST4W quasi-beacon modes we will now consume that value.

Going forward we will process the `mode` according to 4 values:

  • "2"
  • "15" for the current WSPR modes -2 & -15
  • "5
  • "30" for the FST4W modes 300 & 1800

This change applies to the manual upload too, i.e. WSPRNet will support an 11th column `mode` which can be one of these above 4 values.

[From Admins] Map issue -- a fix of sorts

The issue with the Google Maps is related to the change Google made on July 16th, 2018 that severely curtails the free API limits. WSPRNet will be transitioning to an alternative mapping solution as soon as possible.

In the interim I have added a new field to the User Profile form for storing your own Google Maps API Key, if you want to get back to the way things were. You can get your own API Key by following the link below and I would strongly encourage you to read the Q&A down the page.

Hello WSPR friends,

I notice that the spotter M0LMH generates wrong spots in the database as follows:

2022-05-02 12:58 R3AHC 14.097102 -22 0 KO85uq 1 VK4CT QG62jv 14021 86 2
2022-05-02 05:58 R3AHC 14.097101 -20 0 KO85uq 1 EA8BFK IL38bo 5041 255 2
2022-05-02 05:38 R3AHC 14.097104 -22 0 KO85uq 1 CT1EBQ IM58gr 3930 262 2
2022-05-02 06:18 R3AHC 14.097102 -19 0 KO85uq 1 CT1JF IM68an 3850 260 2
2022-05-02 06:08 R3AHC 14.097102 -16 0 KO85uq 1 CT1JF IM68an 3850 260 2

I have noticed, that someone in grid JN55sm is using my call OH1HPZ for WSPR in different bands. The real me is operating from OH-land, Finland.

New to this that's why m7 be kind and helpful 73s and Ta


WOW! Little power goes along way.

Original LDG 4:1 balun used with gutter antenna failed. SWR went to 7:1 and higher. Finally got out to assess and found corrosion on the ground lead of the balun. Dug out another LDG unit that was a 4:1 UNUN and it worked great. SWR of 1.06 across the 17M band. Running 100mW.

Just set up the my new TAPR board on a Pi 3B+. First try, i'm using the MFJ 20M telescoping antenna with no counter poise. .200 W AZ to HI isn't bad.

Some ScreenShots: Map DX Distance Stations

73, lu7abf, Pedro

This Blog if for comments, suggestions and requirements for:

An application to Map, Graph and analyze WSPR stations, just enter your station call.

Hope is useful to WSPR community.

73, LU7ABF, Pedro

I am able to sign in to WHISPER.

How do I send a signal report to WHISPER ; in order that I can find my report on the WHISPER site?


651-690-5480 Land - No text

651-399-2017 Cell