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Hello all wspr Op.

I've been thinking about it for quite some time now, and I would like to present the case in general:
Would it be possible to get wspr version 2.21 the function, which could choose to display the transmit power band basis. When you use the band jumps, looks like the same power for each band. It would be useful if each band to set different power information is displayed in the text transmission. The tool integration could occur for example in the same "box" where the band is determined by jumps. What is the a "jury" thinks about this? :-)
73 de Heikki

I set up the website today where you can see what my WSPR station is heard. Now, overnight, it's 80m band is active. The image up dated two minutes periods. Will test the system the next 24 hours and see if it works properly. Here is the web address if you want to look into: http://kotisivu.dnainternet.net/heipisil/wspr/wspr.htm

73 Heikki/oh8gkp

I used last night Flex 1K5 / VAC/ WSPR-15 and my 80m's 1/4 wavelength GP to 160m Any thing works very well, but small negative sign for the 160m swr is 1.2:1 so I get no more than 4W out. I was surprised to wspr-15 works so well. I have long been waiting for something new to wspr software, and now it has happened. Now they have as well as more control over the software than previous versions and you can see better what happens when you make adjustments to the rx thanks for the new waterfalls, however, programs spirits of new features as well! Now it's fun to use wspr again!