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There is now a modified version of Dan's, WsprryPi that should be capable transmitting WSPR on HF and VHF bands, just with a LPF and antenna connected to GPIO4.

For experimentation, my code and binary can be found here:

73, Guido

The following is a minimalistic design of a standalone MEPT beacon used for WSPR broadcasts. It is based on a Si570 programmable crystal oscillator ( which is controlled by means of an AVR attiny45 microcontroller. The Si570 device is FSK modulated by the AVR via a sequence of I2C control commands that are sent to slightly change the frequency for every transmitted WSPR symbol, allowing multiband operation on frequencies like:

Since yesterday, there is an German Antarctic research station "Neumayer III" active in WSPR.

According Felix, DL5XL is a member of the first wintering team on "Neumayer III" (70°41'S, 8°16'W, CQ Zone 38, ITU Zone 67, IOTA AN-016) and operate from the new station until early 2010 using his old call sign DP1POL.