VK1WJ's blog

I can use trhge special call VI100ACT on 40m until August 7 2013. Since that call cannot be used in WSPR I will use my own call VK1WJ and all contacts mane in WSPR count also vor VI100ACT. Paper QSLs only for VI100ACT please!

VI100ACT special stn CQ on 24.2225 in Olivia 8/125. Will be QRV till 1000 UTC today (6 MAR 2013)

Unfortunately this callsign is unsuitable for WSPR, being mutilated when transmitting. I will therefore no longer use it in this mode. I will endeavour to come up in Olivia or ROS for weak signal QSOs. Will update the blog whenever I start.

This is a special callsign commemorating 100 years of Canberra/ I will be using this call until March 9 2013 on 12m digital modes, WSPR included. QSLs and SWL reports via the buro. A special QSL card is yet to be printed.