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I haven't posted here in a while!

To help encourage more WSPR activity on 28 MHz, I will be on receive only from time to time during the Summer of 2019.

I usually monitor the FT8 frequency most of the day and feed the spots up to the PSK Reporter website. I have my radio set up now so that it's easy to switch to the WSPR frequency and feed those spots to the WSPRnet website.

I'll probably do this by listening for WSPR signals for 10-30 minutes at a time when the band seems open before going back to FT8.

These few spots slipped through when I was changing from 30m to 60m at 08:16 on 07 APR 2010

I noticed on my pc a few days ago that I was running out of hard disk space despite the fact that I had not installed or saved anything large recently. I tracked the problem back to the folder where I keep the WSPR program.

The problem turned out to be that under the SAVE tag, the option SAVE ALL was selected rather than SAVE NONE. As a result, I had saved 8,300 .wmv audio files @2.3 MB each which took up 21.3 GB!

For this activity period, I left the receiver on the 80m frequency from the afternoon of the 22nd to about 08:00 utc on the 23rd.
Antenna : A very low dipole only 4-5 metres above ground level.

As expected, lots of EU stations. Most running several watts so nothing special. 2 exceptions were G3NFP running 100mW (~440 kms) and G0VAX running 20mw (~390 kms).

To the East, VK6POP (10w) was heard twice which was a big suprise! This was about 90 minutes before my local sunset (20:38 utc)

I left the rig on 40m for most of the activity period running from early on the 15th to around 08:00 on the 16th.

Using a very low doublet (~5m agl), the following were heard :
Europe....usual stations although DL6NL with 50mW was weak but consistent for the whole day.

DX...the following were logged :
VE3ODZ (5w)
WB4KLJ (2w)
KE7A (5w) in Texas...consistent signal for ~4-5 hours both mornings.
PY8ELO (20w)

Just got going as a receive only station. Took a while to figure out where the correct 200 Hz band was on 30m ;o)

My current receive set-up is very modest. Rig is a Kenwood TS690s. Antenna is a doublet antenna.....which is basically a 40 and 80 metre dipole in a fan arrangement and fed with 300 ohm twin cable. Height is very low.....only about 4 to 5 metres high.