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Hi, the new version WSPR-AXE-CW is a standalone beacon kit (or we can assemble for a fee) for either the 30M, 20M, or 10M band (monoband). It features easy assembly and no programming on the user's part (comes with a changeable chip for call, grid square). The output power is 1W on the lower HF bands and 0.5W on 10M. It is high efficiency and low current draw. Here is the link to the preliminary construction manual:

Hi, W7FJ put up a video of my VCXO-AXE using a GymBoss as a timer:


I also want to point out that there is an accessory timing board that I developed
which I have used for over two months continuous without synchronization loss.

Anyway thanks to a user for the youtube video; thought others might be interested.

Jay, W5OLF

Hi, I have been using my WSPR-AXE standalone transmitter, now with a continuous transmitting 40% duty cycle 1 PPS timing daughter card. The interesting thing is that it is using a 15 inch ferrite loopstick antenna located on the second floor of my townhouse; in a closet. 1W directly into the antenna. The spots below are typical of the reporting:

Have a WSPR beacon kit project posted on Ebay (search in Ebay with "QRP WSPR" term). Would like to use this blog to answer questions about this kit that anyone may have and encourage others to experiment with simple WSPR transmitters with no computer required. Great for portable expermental work. Any comments welcome, Jay, W5OLF