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Activity days.................

Its great to see some many people active thought the world.
I've had a thought about the duel band activity days. Are we not following "perceived wisdom" by saying there are night time bands and day time bands ?
Ok generally its true but we know from "time to time" its possible to work dx on 40m at lunch time and long dx on 10m at night.
If we follow the traditional 10m = day time band and 40/80m = night time band we can only prove what we already know.
I suggest be have MONO band activity days where the full 24hours is on 10m or 80m. That way we may find something special.
And why not have EVERY Wednesday as an activity day, for example.)
>> ooops they are every week.(

Best 73
Robert F5VHN
(perceived wisdom is a dangerous thing.....)