Data integrity

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Data integrity


Having seen some of the "QRM decoded" spots today (some from me) and quite a few "ooops sorry wrong band" (hey, it happens)etc.... and even been told that some of the stations I received were pirates or not possible (you fool)...

I was trying to think of a way to make our database more reliable.
Maybe there could be a way where by the transmitting station also sends a log , this is then cross checked with the received log and only good matches are posted.
This could be done in real time and if someone does not have immeadiate access to the net this could be done when the logs are sent up later on.
Sort of like logbook of the world.
We are already sending our received logs so why not our transmit logs as well ?
OK I know its work for someone, but it would make WSPR very powerful and a reference.

Over to you to pick holes in the thinking.

Best 73
Robert F5VHN