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Map Enhancements

I’ve been looking at the WSPR map quite a lot recently, and I’ve had a few thoughts.

When you enter a band and callsign, you obtain a customised view of who has spotted you. It would be really useful if the reported S/N (or average S/N if a time window is selected) was clearly displayed alongside each reporting station without having to click on each station.

If enough reporting stations were present it may be possible to overlay S/N contour lines on the map (although not all reported S/N ratios will match it may be close enough to get a good overall impression). If the time window was selected over a long period it may then be possible to obtain an estimation of your TX antenna polar pattern.

Another suggestion would be to provide the option to ‘animate’ the map so that you can observe changes in S/N over say a 24hr period.

Maybe a colour coded traffic light system could be used to highlight workable paths. If there were additional data entry fields for a nominal TX power (not WSPR TX power) and perhaps transmission mode such as CW, PSK SSB etc. then a Green, Amber or Red spot could be used to indicate if a QSO, marginal QSO or NO QSO would be possible using the selected mode and power level. This would be calculated from your WSPR TX power and your received S/N ratio as reported by other WSPR stations, but it would take into account the threshold S/N required by the selected mode, and the maximum TX power available. As a propagation aid this would allow you to quickly see which countries were workable at any moment in time for a given mode and transmission power.