Neophyye questiions

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Neophyye questiions

Just started WSPR, and have questions for anyone with infinite patience.

1) I can see waterfalls and receive OK, but don't see any decodes. Is this an SNR issue? I have overlooked something dumb? Have installed on Windows XP

2) I have a CAT hookup and sound card connection that lets me XMT fine using Ham Radio Delux (PSK31), but when the yellow transmit indicator comes on in WSPR, my rig does not XMT; I HAVE set up the COM Port (9) that Ham Radio Deluxe uses. Suggestions?

3)What is the highest INPUT power I can transmit without violating etiquette? I am experimenting with XMT antennas (ferrite) that have extremely low radiation resistance, and probably experience >20DB loss vs an isotropic radiator. Should I recon power on ERP OUT?