Problem to get a login /password

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Problem to get a login /password

Hi all,
didn't know to whom I might e-mail this question, so I just post it here. Maybe someone can point me to an appropriate e-mail address.

Problem is the following: A friend of mine, Ernesto, DF1ELB, tried to create an account on this site, but never received the "first login" e-Mail. When trying the link "e-mail a new password" he didn't receive a reply either. When trying to create a new account with his call, the site says "Login name already taken", so there must have happened a db entry for him. We checked for any typos in the password or the e-mail address that he gave, but that was all okay. Maybe you can have a look at his db entry and eventually reset his account, or mail him a one-time password, so he can log in and activate/use/set his account.

DF1ELB's e-mail address is: ernesto dot lastra at

Thanks in advance
73 de DL4OBE, Stephan
from Stuttgart, Germany