WSPR2.0 frequency correction system

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WSPR2.0 frequency correction system

I've just completed a first set of measurements to calculate settings for A and B in the frequency correction system with my TS-2000X.

Considering that I'm using almost the same type of radio as Joe used for his example in the help file, my values are quite different. However, Joe did a lot more comparisons for f1, d1, f2, d2 than I have so far.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what settings other people find for different or even similar models of radio.

My results were as follows

f1 = 4.996MHz (RWM)
d1 = 5.68Hz
f2 = 10.000MHz (WWV)
d2 = 10.62Hz

Which gave the values
A = 0.75Hz
B = 0.987ppm

I hope to do a few more tests using different off-air frequency standard transmissions over the weekend.