I'm getting random shutdowns of the application

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I'm getting random shutdowns of the application

No Windows error messages. I have turned 'diagnostics' on; does this create an error log file? If so, where? I can't find any significant files.

Application might shut down on a 2 minute mark, I presume when it tries to transmit. Othertimes it will close while transmitting AND while receiving.

P3, 600MHz. Relatively recent clean installation of win2k, nothing fancy in the installation. I try to leave windows to run with defaults wherever possible. And just the bare minimum additional apps installed, like time sync.

Just did it again. was transmitting for about 30 secs then the app closed. Was working FB a few days ago. Left it running continuous for several days. Plenty of free disk space, no virii, I just can't get it to keep running long term. Though occasionally it runs happily for 10-20 hours without a hiccup until I need to restart the machine for some reason.

Restarted application.

Same machine/radio combination runs flawlessly on PSK31. But haven't been active on that mode for at least a week while running WSPR, until issue two days ago. Ran PSK31 on 40m last night; no issue. Shut down last night, restarted fresh an hour ago and same problem with WSPR.

Have now had one receive cycle. Unit started to transmit. About 5 secs of transmissionn then application closed again without error message. Running minimum power (5w) from the FT857. Problem surfaced on the FT897 after 24hrs+ of flawless operation. Problem occurs even at half a watt, so I do not believe RF getting back into the unit is the issue, though I will look further at this if it is suggested.

Be aware I am using an ATU between the rig on 30m and the 40m windom. Probably leading to high SWR on the Feedline, though insulated from the rig by the atu (LDG Z11pro)

Any suggestions welcome.