FT-950 Bandchange not working with WSPR2

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FT-950 Bandchange not working with WSPR2

Hi All !

I have the same troubles as others seen in this forum with the cat-control.

OS is Windows7. Equipment is FT-950 with microHAM Digi Keyer.

For standard operation I use Ham Radio Deluxe as software. There I have no Problems to controll the bands.

To listen to the International Beacon Project I use Faros, what uses Omni-Rig (uses Hamlib as far as I know) and I have no Troubles for bandchanges too.

WSPR2 works great and I like the new user-interface. Bandchanges doesn't work.
I opened the command-window and tried rigctl. It shows no errors when trying to send commands etc. Just nothing happens.

To verivy I used wrong commands or not existing com-ports and then I get error messages as expected.

So I think definetly there is some bug in the new distro.

73, Michael