Hardware WSPR Solutions?

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Hardware WSPR Solutions?

I am very interested in pursuing some sort of hardware WSPR
solution(s), if such a thing should exist. I am not sure if such
a solution would consist of separate RF and moduation/demodulation
units. At first, I would like to be able to dump the PC in favor
of connecting some sort of WSPR-capable box to a radio of my choice.

At a later time, I would hope to be able to end up with a low power radio,
something in the 5-10w output range, with a WSPR modulator and/or demodulator
built in. Maybe demodulation is a pipe dream in either choice, but minimally
I would like to be able to take a small package somewhere, such as a remote
location, and set it up with a simple antenna.

I remember seeing something in the past year or that roughly fell into what
I've described above. Can someone tell me where to find this information?

I'm open for any type of experimentation with simple hardware devices
and would like to know what is out there.

Thanks in advance...

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK

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