Using FT-450 & WSPR 2 CAT

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Using FT-450 & WSPR 2 CAT

My recent experiences.

If the WSPR 2 CAT band change doesn't work with Yaesu FT-450, try the following:

1. In the FT-450 MENU set CAT TOT to 100 (100ms), or alternatively:

2. In WSPR 2 setup, station parameters, set handshake to:
Handshake=Hardware and add: "-C write_delay=0". This should read when finished:
Handshake=Hardware -C write_delay=0

(You shouldn't need both.)

3. PTT. In FT-450 MENU set DIG VOX to on by selecting a high number, 80 or so.
Then set WSPR 2 setup, station parameters PTT to VOX.
You will need to set FT-450 EXT MNU to ON to access DIG VOX.
(Adjust DIG VOX to suit your particular audio level.)


The above is a summary of postings that have appeared on WSPRNet forums and emails.
Also applies to other Yaesu rigs.

1 or 2 are required because of a CAT timing delay of 50ms in the Hamlib CAT program within WSPR 2.
1 is probably easier to do because in 2, the syntax must be correct.

3 is required because when in USB, Yaesu FT-450 CAT Tx ignores audio on the DATA socket and
although the rig will Tx there is no Tx audio.

The CAT timing via CAT TOT can be applied to more than one Yaesu rig, FT-950 and FT-2000 for example.
The FT-450 default is 10 (10ms) and other Yaesu rigs may have the same default.

I am using a CAT rate of 38400 with an RS232 cable to COM 1 or a USB COM port adaptor (Prolific based).
My Prolific USB adaptor will work with 1 but not with 2.


For 1, James Clark.
For 2. Michael OE1MSB and Joe K1JT.
All the other posters on the forum who contributed.

73 and happy WSPRing
de Brian G3THQ