TS-850 & WSPR 2.0 CAT-Problem

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TS-850 & WSPR 2.0 CAT-Problem

Hi from Germany,

a few days ago I tried to hook up my TS-850 to WSPR 2.0.
Connected to the computer with microKeyer II and its USB-generated serial ports.
Like many others said before: the rig works fine with any other software like Logger32, Wintest, MMTTY, MMSSTV, HRD...
But it doesn´t with WSPR 2.0

PTT-keying is fine but QRG-control isn´t.
The program always crashes when trying to change the band within WSPR.
The DOS-window doesn´t say anything about errors.
I also tried different rigs, settings and also that "Hardware -C write_delay=0" - setting.
No success.

microKeyer II
COM 4 for CAT
COM 5 for PTT

Has anybody the ultimate tip for me? Thanks in advance and
73 de Lenz, DL8RDL