Low TX tones > low audio > low power

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Low TX tones > low audio > low power

Hi all,

first of all I admit I'm just discovering the way WSPR works, so bear with me...

As WSPR trasmits on 40m it is using very low tones, probably just 2-300 Hz; I can bearly hear the tones in my TX monitor. So low that they're probably being cut by input filters and I barely can see any power going out.

It's different on 20m, where my own tones are probably around 1500Hz; here I have normal TX behaviour.

Funniest: I do get reception reports on 40m but not on 20m, but this is probably another issue.

Question: I don't know the WSPR protocol, but is there any way I can force higher tones ?


Marco, HB9CAT