Signalink USB and FT-100 not keying / transmitting

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Signalink USB and FT-100 not keying / transmitting

I am using the offical "RJ to 6 pin DIN" cable between Signalink and the rig. All the strappings inside Signalink are correct for this rig. But my FT-100 will not transmit, only receive works fine. The "Signalink USB" transmitt LED does not light. I can hear a weak tone at the "monitor" output, but it is not strong enough to trigger the "VOX" relay in Signalink I guess. Is there anyway to boost the audio output level from Window XP - USB CODEX? The normal Windows XP audio "output" panel is not showing up, only audio "input" sliders. How does one control audio levels when using USB CODEX???? The setup works fine on transmit "as is" with other programs like PSK31 DIGIPAN.

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