USB Audio Interface

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USB Audio Interface

I'm looking to start working with WSPR and having just moved am in the process of building a new shack. I haven't worked sound-card digital modes before and am quite looking forward to it. Most of the pieces are together excepting the audio connection from the computer to the radio.

So I'm evaluating audio adaptors to use with WSPR and PSK31 and would like to know about people's experiences. Ideally I would like to use a USB audio interface (so as to keep the on-board audio on my laptop available for other things). I'm wary of VOX and would like something that supports PTT, ideally without taking up a second USB (or Serial) port. Electrical isolation of the computer from the radio would be nice as well.

microHAM USB Interface II

Signal Link USB

Universal Radio Interface (USB FOB)

It sounds as if what I am looking for would be some hybrid of the microHAM USB Interface (serial device for controlling PTT) and the Signal Link USB (low-noise audio device) in one box. The URI comes close, but doesn't do PTT in the normal way and also offers no isolation.

Any suggestions?

73 de EA5/VA3UDP