Yaesu FT-2000 and WSPR V2.0

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Yaesu FT-2000 and WSPR V2.0

As a new user I had a little difficulty finding the correct settings. I already use other data modes with great success on the FT-2000, The secret is to use USB and go to menu 084 to change the USB input to the Data setting thereby shutting off the front microphone.
As there was no Radio dropdown in WSPR for the FT-2000 I used the "128 Yaesu FT-950" dropdown and edited it to read FT-2000.
My serial lead from computer to radio is a 9pin straight through lead all pins connected.In Com 1 on my computer.
I found I had to turn the menu 030 Cat RTS on the FT-2000 to "OFF", although it is set on for all my other digital software.But that was the way it needed to be to get WSPR to TX!
SO here are my settings for a working FT-2000 WSPR setup.

FT-2000 Menus :
028 CAT BPS "384H" (or what you prefer so long as they match the WSPR setting)
029 CAT TOT "100" (Yaesu default is 10, as documented in WSPR Forum for FT-950/450)
030 CAT RTS "OFF" (as mentioned in text above)
084 J3E MIC SEL "DATA" (enables audio input from interface cables at rear of FT-2000)

WSPR Settings:
Tick the ENABLE CAT Box
RIG NO. "128 Yaesu FT-2000" (edited from the ft-950 setting)

I do hope this gets you going with your FT-2000, it works fine for me, you may need to alter your soundcard settings for correct levels in and out in the same way you would for any other data mode programme eg. PSK etc.
Have fun and wishing all members A Happy New Year for 2010.