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Promoting WSPR /

Is there someone artistic who could create a nice 468x60 GIF banner that sites could use to link to

On my home page there is at the moment a nice banner for the "Reverse Beacon Project" that plots spots from the commercial CW decoding software CW Skimmer. I got this banner from the site itself. If it was not such a nice looking banner I might not have put it there.

It seems to be that a similar nice banner could be used to promote WSPR and this site. It could be used to link to the map page, or perhaps to a landing page that explains a bit about WSPR and has links to the software. I would be happy to put such a banner on my site. It could even be put in the Amateur Radio Banner Exchange, which would get it on to a lot of different ham radio home pages.

Unfortunately I lack the artistic skills to create one.