Having trouble getting set up with Yaesu 857D

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Having trouble getting set up with Yaesu 857D

I am using a Rigblaster Plug & Play with the CAT control to my Yaesu 857D through an antenna tuner to a 40m dipole.

I get the waterfall but nothing shows up. When WSPR transmits, it keys my radio, and I can hear it is sending through the rigblaster, and can see I am putting out a signal through my SWR meter, but no one is hearing me.

I ran it on 30m and 40m last night for a few hours. Did not decode anyone.

The radio is supposed to be in USB mode correct? I started in digital mode before I read it should be in USB. No luck on either.

What should my station parameters be for this setup? I changed around parameters with no success. Should I use the SoundMAX audio or should I leave it as default? What should my serial rate be? Should I use a handshake? The manual basically just says the station parameters are self-explanatory, but not for me apparently.

Do I need to change my USB offset for some reason? The software gives a dial freq and a Tx freq, I am assuming that default USB is the Tx freq.

Am I missing something here? Any help is appreciated.