Newbie, teething problems from G4NKW

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Newbie, teething problems from G4NKW

Hello everyone, I tried WSPR tonight for the first time. I am using my FT2000 and I tried working on 40 metres.
I seem to be receiving ok and I appear to have uploaded quite a few contacts I received.
My query is the transmission side. I appear to be transmitting a signal but Iam not sure how long it is supposed to transmit for? It seems to be a very long time, several minutes, is this normal?
I tend to wait a while and then unplug my interface to stop it transmitting. I have the rig set to 5 watts but am unsure of audio levels out of the laptop. The transmitted signal sounds pure on a seperate rig when I monitor my TX.
I do not appear to have been heard by anyone yet.
I am transmitting and receiving on USB with the correct offset as shown in the box, is this correct?
Any help is much appreciated.
Graham G4NKW