Information re WSPR Operation on 144MHz in IARU Region1

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Information re WSPR Operation on 144MHz in IARU Region1

WSPR Operation on 144MHz in IARU Region 1
The WSPR Software provides with its WSPR.ini file, a dial frequency preset, which is incorrect for users in IARU Region 1.
IARU R1 has set aside the frequency 144,4905MHz +/- 500Hz for "Beacon Operation with Feedback, WSPR Protocol".
It is therefore necessary to modify the dial frequency to 144,489MHz (from the preset 144,488MHz) to comply with regulations. This can be done by entering the correct frequency into the WSPR.ini or by directly typing the figures into the "Dial" field in the GUI. A more convenient solution would be the provision of different WSPR.ini with the WSPR package.

But beside this single information, I feel it necessary, to inform the users in general (especially the newcomers to this mode) by placing notes in all published lists of dial frequencies.

Users of the preset frequencies and users adhering to the rules will never see each other.