160m Summer Propagation - Special Activity

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160m Summer Propagation - Special Activity

Starting from Monday 3 May there will be a new 160m activity session which will run every Monday between May and August.

To investigate propagation during the northern summer months (May -August) on 160m

Activity period:
Every Monday from local sunset to sunrise, local greyline etc. Keep an eye on the Activity page to see who is operating on other days.

I think its clear that if this event is to be successful it will require as many stations as possible from around the globe to take part. Reception reports from SWL's and stations that are unable to TX on 160m are especially important.

Remember that if you intend to monitor 160m then low efficiency antennas (compared to 160m TX antennas) are key to low noise reception. Antennas used for transmitting on the HF bands will often work surprisingly well as a low noise receiving antenna on 160, as do small magnetic loops.

There is no doubt about it, 160m can be a difficult, noisy band and can really test TX and RX antennas especially with the power levels used by WSPR stations. However with a good spread of stations worldwide it gives us a good opportunity to see what can be achieved during the so called closed season.