6m WSPR: IARU Region 1 is planning to move the frequency

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6m WSPR: IARU Region 1 is planning to move the frequency

Hi. IARU Region 1 wants to move the 6m WSPR frequency to 50.400. How does this affect WSPR users outside Europe?

This is part of a general plan to move all beacon activity within Europe to 50.400 - 50.500

This was published in an article "Introduction to RSGB Paper on Beacon changes" by G4ASR in the latest edition of the UKSMG magazine "Six News". Quote:

The RSGB VHF Manager G4ASR reported back on his investigations into suitable frequencies and recommended the use of 50.400MHz not only for WSPR but as possible precursor to a later step to move the beacon band up to that area of the 50MHz band.
The recommendation was carried unanimously and the RSGB (G4ASR) was requested to prepare a draft paper for the Interim Meeting, Vienna, 2010 regarding a revised beacon band around 50.400MHz

Aside from international impacts and inconvenience, I have to say that it seems that this is being done without any discussion with the WSPR community (in fact it seems to have been done without any discussion with the 6m community full stop - many are up in arms about it). Of course, as someone will no doubt point out, bandplans are only recommendations and can be ignored, but doing that doesn't make many of us feel over comfortable.