BFO Offset causing incorrect freq readout

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BFO Offset causing incorrect freq readout

Finally got the receiver portion of my PSK30 kit built and operational. Due to a lack of an appropriate tool for the BFO trimmer I had to make the adjustment in WSPR2.0 to compensate for the offset. The signals from the various stations I have been monitoring for the past several weeks are appearing at their usual positions in the waterfall as compared to my SDR-IQ but their frequencies are being reported incorrectly.

Tomorrow I will attempt to obtain a tool small enough to enable correcting the BFO frequency. For tonight I will let things run as they are so I can continue to make comparisons over previous nights with the SDR-IQ. At this point I would have to say that the Small Wonder Labs PSK30 is both quieter and more sensitive than the SDR-IQ. SNR appears to be much better.


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