Does it seem reasonable?

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Does it seem reasonable?

Been trying various output power levels and antenna improvements in an attempt to equalize my "ears" with my "mouth". Due to reciprocity, seems like I should be hearing about as many beacons as those that hear me. Eh?

I see pretty consistent evidence that my signal is booming in at 30 dBm output into places far away, while the return path on my end shows about 7-10 dB lower SNR.

Since 30m is currently limited by atmospheric noise (lot's of thunderstorms a few thousand km from here...), my receiver must be running about as well as anyone else's.

I tried changing output power levels, first up to 40 dBm (from 37 dBm), then down to 30 dBm, in an attempt to equalize my reception to what I see in the database from spotters of my signal. Can't reduce power easily below 30 dBm, but that still seems too much by this measure.

So, I'm wondering what could be causing such a huge difference between what I am hearing and those who hear me?

de N7AIG