Stealthing It

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Stealthing It

Since I now know a 1-watt sig to my 135' endfed longwire has a range to 7000+km it's time to see what happens with my alternate antenna.

I live on the second floor of a 3 story concrete & steel building. Outside my bedroom window (where the shack is) a copper downspout runs from near ground level to the rain gutters on the roof. Although the downspout is physically joined to the rain gutter, its electrical connection to the rain gutter is very poor. I scraped through the anodizing on the outside of the downspout and attached about 5' of wire to run into my bedroom. The attachment point is about 12' above ground and roughly centered vertically on the downspout. Ground reference is established using the 25' long aluminum framing for the jalousie windows that run the length of the apartment. Using my MFJ16010 ATU I can tune for an SWR of 1.18/1.

Starting from 1800 UTC today I am WSPRing into the downspout vertical on 30mtrs. So far (at 1830) I have been spotted twice by WA2YUN on Wake Island 3672km distant. That direction is not very favorable since the downspout is affixed to the East side of the building and there are a total of 6 concrete walls that the signal must penetrate toward the West.

I will let this setup run for the next 24 hours or so to see how viable it is.


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