Getting my portable procedure down.

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Getting my portable procedure down.

I'm trying to get my procedure down for best Portable Ops. all suggestions, tips, welcome

1. FT817nd charged battery pack and charged AA Ni-MH 2650mAh x 8 + DATA LEADS & MIC!
2. Samsung Netbook 7.5hours battery so no need for solar panels anymore, HRD, DM780 configured.
3. WSPRnet Frequencies stored in Radio or as a Text file on my Mobile is much faster. (do they change often?)
4. Water, Sandwhich, Tarp, Thick Plastic Bag for longwire cables n tarp storage. used to sit on if wet ground.
5. SotaBeam 7 section poles, used for EF-10-20-40 Longwire into a sloper LDG Z817 ATU for 80meters
6. still dont have WSPRnet software or any idea how to get it? as yet Un-configured.
7. I could take a quick screen print of the WSPRnet Map and store on my Netbook + CSV Database.
8. Check my my local weather website for hilltop conditions windchill etc.
9. Spot myself on, (tag words #hamr #amateurradio #wsprnet)& to attract calls, reports,
10.set off! luckily my hill spot is 20 minutes away from my front door, 600ft ASL with good take off.

I still need to get the WSPRnet software and get it working. is it esccential?

apart from that and some port issue with HRD i'm almost there.