15m Special Activity Day - debrieffing

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15m Special Activity Day - debrieffing

It has been a very nice day, with a very good activity from EU, AS, NA and OC. We are still missing AF and SA but it may take time (CQ ZS, CQ LU, PY etc...).
1999 spots were recorded during those 24 hours, which represent 4/5 of the"all time" 15m spots.
So thanks for all the participants, that's another big success for the SAD.

I realize that the day may have not been that good for everybody, expecially stations located at relatively high latitudes. Even UK-stations, who are not in the far north, seem to have been left outside the ZL<>EU big "short path" opening, and even from the JA<>EU. The EU to US path closed quite early and did not allow more than East-coast stations (N0LYI (CO) and K1CT (CA) were there, but they never heard or been heard by EU stations. Fortunately several US stations, even located on the East coast seem to have enjoyed the US<>OC opening.

For me, it has been extremely good, first because I did have a relatively quiet band (vy quiet compared to the 17m SAD), and because I t seem that I was at the right place to enjoy all the band openings.

A special thanks to VK7KRW, ZL1RS and ZL2TLD, for being the South Hemisphere band-animators...

Just a few reminders about operating procedures:
- It is very important to have your clock synchronized with a time reference. The easier way to do it is to use internet "time sync". If you want to forget once for ever about your PC-clock, just download "dimension 4" (it is free) or any similar application... Very simple but several stations were outside the DT decoding tolerance.
- try to calibrate your TRX frequency against a broadcast station (ie on 40m) the broadcast stations carriers are generaly better than 2hz and a round kHZ . You may also use the "Russian naval beacons" for example the "C-beacon" on 7039.0 (place you VFO 1.5kHz below... it should produce a line at 1500Hz on your waterfall). Simple but there were a few stations transmitting outside the band... (2xEU had both a large DT and were TX'ing outside the band !)
- try to use the full 200Hz spectrum; at mid day all the EU stations were transmiting in the upper half of the bandwidth.
- Try to avoid transmitting at less than 10Hz from another station - Ok it is not always possible during the SAD, but if the activity is moderate, it is quite easy to find a free slot. Quite easy, but I had to move several times. Even if you don't hear them, look at the database to see where the DX stations are transmitting...
- If the band is really crowded avoid transmitting with 33% TX rate...20% is more adequate...

Hope to see you during the next SAD !
Your comments are welcome.
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