Still trying ...FT817-nd + HRD + WSPR

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Still trying ...FT817-nd + HRD + WSPR

Ok I was using a port on the back of the 817 to provide Audio Out & In I thought (next to CAT port)
but the audio output from it although constant through my netbook speakers only shows
intermitently or for a few seconds in the Record Audio In Levels meter I use, its very annoying,(any reason why?)

Temp Solution:
So I have put a lead directly from Headphones out to Mic In on Netbook and have adjusted the input perfectly
so no RED overload in WSPR software audio input in dBs, says recieveing, i've set the band correctly and setup my details
but I cant see any messages or incoming text, occaisionaly a blue PSK31 graphic moves along , but as soon as I see any signal
I cant just point and lock onto it, I am able to start WSPR from HRD ok, but my CAT cable Ports are unknown at present,
so I cant put them in on WSPR. THe Audi In Out Port from the 817 usualy goes to a lead with Audio out and In but why is
the signal only intermitent? the connection and audio is fine and constant but the levels drop out after 1 2 seconds,
I setup all inputs and Mic Boost and use Record to Stereo Input thats working well atm from the headphone socket.

WSPR Software still not doing much.
As for WSPR SOftware just says waiting to start, recieving, shows occaisional activity, but 0 read out, I dont get it,
I think I had better luck with DM780. I will keep tryng. I am currently on 40m 7.038.600 im in DIG mode and using USER-U
is this correct?