What's wrong with 12m, then ?

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What's wrong with 12m, then ?

Hi folks.

Just thought I’d be a little thought provoking, or possibly controversial. The feedback will confirm which … Hi … Hi.

Is it me, or do most WSPR operators have an aversion to 12m ?

It appears to be the forgotten band, with activity on all the bands either side, but typically none on 12m.

Is there a perception that nobody uses 12m, so there is no point in attempting to determine if paths exist ?

If that is the case, then my perception of what WSPR is all about, must be totally wrong.

Surely, if there are active paths on 15m and 10m, there is a strong likelihood that there may well be open paths on 12m. Isn’t finding out, to where, part of what WSPR is all about.

Why do you prefer to use bands where you know you WILL get guaranteed reports ?

Why don’t you WSPR on 12m, more than you do ?

Lets have some feedback !

For my part, I have put out fairly regular calls on 12m, using both WSPR and JT65, but with very few responses. The system is not brilliant, here; a 6m to 30m Homebrew GP at 4.5m AGL, with 12 off 10Mhz radials, but it appears to work well, with many good reports on all bands.

However, to improve things at my end, I have just completed the construction of a mono-band halfwave, base fed, vertical, for the band. Hopefully, if it stops raining at sometime over this weekend, then it will be installed well clear of the other antennas, and with the feed point up at around 12m AGL.

Perhaps there will be some activity on 12m to test my new antenna out.

Cheers & 73’s
Dave, G3ZXX