WSPR/P GPS Time Sync and Delayed Spots Upload

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WSPR/P GPS Time Sync and Delayed Spots Upload

I find WSPR an excellent mode for /P operation.

I normally use a wireless broadband 'dongle' for laptop time sync and uploading spots.

For where there is no GSM coverage I am trying to use a Navman C40 GPS with 'Clockwatch' software for time sync. Has anyone done this?
My PC communicates with the C40 but the program says 'no time available from the GPS' or similar. Perhaps I need to change a setting in the C40?

Another question. Assuming I can operate /P with GPS time sync. Can I upload rxed spots later when I have network coverage? Will the spots interleave and show the correct times in the database? At the home QTH I have tried delayed uploading of spots to the database but so far without success.

73 Alan VK6BN