WSPR not running on a 64 bit Vista machine?

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WSPR not running on a 64 bit Vista machine?


as a newbee in using computer control to my station I installed a USB/CAT interface. It has its own sound chip. After some difficulties it ran very well. For both, mic & speaker, I had to select the new sound card "USB Audio Device", the analogue input- & output lines had to be adjusted to 100 mV peak-to-peak. The CAT port is COM15, adjusted to 19200 baud, 8 databit, 1 stopbit, none handshake - as these are the settings of my transceiver which is an IC-756 PRO II.

Trying these settings with the log program MixW all is working very fine. I can control frequency and working mode from the computer as well as from the station und on the PC screen I can watch a wonderful waterfall diagram. Program UcxLog seems to run as well.

But this is not when using WSPR. Although settings are complete the same, the program starts always with the station parameter window and on the lower border of the main window in a red banner two fault messages are displayed:

"Invalid audio input device"
"Invalid audio output device"

When trying to change the band it remains on 30 m and on the DOS window in the background the following error messages are displayed:

serial_open: unable to open COM15 - no error
rig_open: error = IO_error
Error attempting to set rig frequency.
rigctl -m 347 -r COM15 -s 19200 -C data_bits=8 -C stop_bits=1 -C serial_handshak
e=None F 7038600

In the station parameter window I can select two additional sound devices namend "Microsoft Soundmapper - Input" and "Microsoft Soundmapper - Output" which do not appear under MixW. But doing this nothing will change. Besides this in the "Audio out" combobox is a list of further 30 output devices due to an installed audio program named Tunebite ("TuneBite Highspeed Dubbing (xx)"), but I think this does not matter. I can choose any of these items but nothing will change.

Quite desperate I installed both the USB/CAT interface and WSPR on an old XP machine. This was running at first go! The only difference in settings is the number of the serial port which is COM6. Unfortunately this old computer does not have a LAN network connector. So I cannot connect it to the internet and uploading spots is not possible. In the long run it would be quite arduous using two computers for checking WhisperNet database & map and I think, it MUST be possible using WSPR on my 64 bit Vista computer.

So can anybody give me a solution for my problem? I do not have any idea what could be wrong.

Best regards

Norbert, DL1SNG