136 KHz WSPR Transmiter project wanted

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136 KHz WSPR Transmiter project wanted

Canadians have now been granted use of the 136 KHz band. As I also enjoy WSPR, I am wondering what would be the best solution for going homebrew on this band.

I have seen many QRPp CW ccts, but I am intersted in running WSPR, so modulating the signal is required. I suspect SDR / soundcard may be the way to go? The Softrock XCVR kit does not apprear to transmit down to 136, nor are they curently available.

I have just seen the HA-SDR kit website, but the website translation is difficult to understand, so I am not sure if thats the way to go. (Price and what you are getting is uncertain- trying to understand the English site)

Looking for any ideas. Perhaps a Tranverter ? The AA1A transverter looks interesting, and I am awaiting a reply from Dave about building it..but maybe someone has a working SRD 136 KHz setup/plans/kit that are just what us Canadians would be looking for to put WSPR on 2200m Band. Has anyone built the A1AA transverter or a similar TRVRTR for 136 KHz? I could then find a IRF510 amp cct that would give it a push...

Any info or help would be appreciated! WSPR users on Homebrew 136 Khz, lets hear from you!

TNX es 73