Low Bands Distance Challenge

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Low Bands Distance Challenge

Please find here the current "Low Bands Distance Challenge" palmares

- I may have forgotten someone... If you feel that you have done better, please
submit your claims through this forum (or to my email address)
- The method used to discrimine Long Path/Short Path is the following one:
If the short path is completly in the daylight, then long path is assumed...
see the following examples:


Other rule: For a QSO to be considered bilateral, exchanges should happen in the same Time-window (ie not on a different day)

I may add 30m later, but
- I feel that 30m is both a low-band and a high-band (on high bands it is not that easy to discrimine LP from SP... both may exist simultaneously...)
- On 30m the volume of wrong data is enormous...

What are the possibilities for the records to be explosed:
- On 40m at the end of December/early January, the long path from EU to JA and from US-west coast to EU are possible...
- On 80m I doubt that the current records will be explosed, but improving them by a few hundred kilometers is still possible
- On 160m: There is a large margin for those records to be explosed (ie EU to JA, US to ZS, etc...)
- On all bands activity from new countries ie KH6, KL7, LU8 may open new possibilities.

Like says a famous "pinball-machine": "it is more fun to compete !"
Good luck !