TX RX Dial Freq and TX freq

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TX RX Dial Freq and TX freq

Hello to all.

This has been asked several times but reading through the answers i'm still unsure.

Ok here goes.

I start the program, click on the 2m tab and the dial frequency is set to 144.489000..

The program takes control of my rig and selects this frequency and the radio displays 144.489000...

The TX box on the program shows 144.490500 after hovering my curser in the main window near 500 displays 500hz in a small red box and when i click the mouse it asks me to confirm setting TX frequency to 144.490500...

The program window now displays Dial 144.48900 and TX shows 144.490500...

Do i then alter the radio to 144.490500 or do i leave it at 144.48900..?

Does the recieving station hear my signal on 144.489000 or do they tune to 144.490500 to hear me..? I'm guessing here that i am transmitting on 144.489000 and not 144.490500..!!

The reason i ask is that when i view the map it is saying i'm TX on 144.490500 and not what the software has "tuned" my radio into...

On the 2m map i can see a station TX freq 144.490600. For me to hear him do i listen on 144.490600 or with the bandwidth being so wide do i just keep my radio tuned to 144.489000..?

Sorry to go over old basic stuff but i'm new to this concept..

Kind regards, James.