Compiling WSPR for 64bit Ubuntu Lucid (10.4.1)

Compiling WSPR for my 64bit system gave me a bit of a headache, because of a missing library. I found a package containing the missing bit and together, the following commands led to a success:

1. Install required packages

sudo apt-get install subversion python2.6-dev \
python-numpy python-imaging-tk python-pmw \
libportaudio2 portaudio19-dev libsamplerate0-dev \
gfortran cl-fftw3

2. Either check out the latest version of the code

svn co

or that of WSPR 2.0

svn co -r 1714

3. Change to wspr-directory, call configure-script, and compile

cd wspr

Thereafter, you can run WSPR from the build directory via


or use

sudo make install

to have it copied to '/usr/local/bin'. On my system, however, wspr does not work when installed, but that must be because I have missed to set a variable at some place. Anyway, now I can try the newest features of WSPR!

p.s. If you see error messages like this

bt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)

when starting WSPR, it is likely that you have a problem related to the Bluetooth audio support. In case you do not need this feature, simply deinstall the package

sudo apt-get remove bluez-alsa

which hopefully cures the problem.