Reported on only first tx session then nothing

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Reported on only first tx session then nothing

Hi all I have been trying to get wsper iq version 2.1 2210 running on a friends pc its an older pc running windows xp power sdr along with ham radio delux work fine and good contacts on psk. However when I run on wspr it only get spotted on the first tx session after that it appears to go into tx and rf is produced on the right frequency and it sounds ok on my 756pro but I dont get any spots after the first session. I am at a loss and just about to give up. The pc is an intel p2 1.7 with 512m memeory. Its the same if I use its internal sound card or even a second sound card a sound blaster audigy. I get lots of spots on RX so no problems there. Re loaded all software several times to no avail. Help!! anybody got any ideas ?

Malcolm G4IHZ

running with a softrock ensemble on 20m. Hardware is fine checked it on my own system