Invalid audio input / outpur device

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Invalid audio input / outpur device

I've seen this problem reported before with no definitive solution, and I have the problem. I would appreciate feedback and suggestions from anyone. Thanks!

I have three audio cards:
1) Realtek High Definition Audio (on the system board; used for Windows and application announcements)
2) M-Audio Firewire Audiophile (external 2 channel device used to drive PowerSDR and CW Skimmer)
3) M-Audio Delta 1010LT (PCI 10 channel device used for digital I/O to tranceiver plus a variety of other functions)

WSPR 2.0 enumerates all these devices on the Station Parameters Audio In/Out drop-down lists. However, if the Realtek device is enable, WSPR starts with
"Invalid audio input device", and
"Invalid audio output device"
in the bottom lower-left.

If the Realtek device is disabled, WSPR starts normally and works with both M-Audio Delta devices correctly. I have tried deleting the "audio_caps" and "WSPR.ini" files to no avail. All three of these audio devices work correctly with all other programs on my computer.

The computer: Athlon dual-core, 3 GB memory, Windows XP-SP3.

Thanks again for any assistance.
Chuck, AE4CW