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Activity on 60m

Hi all,

I will be running 3 different setups on 60m for one week, day and night.

LA3JJ/P will be an SDR/QRPp rig 10mW (FA-SDR) to a 120m horiz loop antenna. 5.288666 MHz. !! now Upgraded with 1W PA module running mostly 100 and 200mW. Using WSPR 2.10 in I/Q mode. There will be some slow freq variations on this rig but ok enough for WSPR I think. Carrier and mirror frequencies are supressed more than (less?) -50 dB.

LA3JJ/A will be my K3 running 3W to the indoor Magloop. 5.288708 MHz

LA3JJ will be my FT-450 running 7W to the inverted U antenna. 5.288777 MHz

They will all be run from the same WinXP computer, so if that goes down its nothing.

A screendump shows the difference between the magloop inside my house and the large outside antennas:

My two smallwonders will be on 10m and 30m for the same periode. They are running on two old revitalized laptops using Ubuntu Linux.

Hopefully some of you will hear them all and make me happy.