RXTX+ Xtallv6.3 KB9YIG-rig

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RXTX+ Xtallv6.3 KB9YIG-rig

Hello OM´s!

Who can help me?

I use a hb kit RXTX+Xtallv6.3. Frequence set over dipswitch.
No USB or CAT interface. Recieving cw,ssb with Rocky 3.6 is ok.

My WSPR 2.11r2250 parameter settings are:
Avanced: Rx BFO =1500Hz
IQ-Mode: Fic =7300 Hz = Fosc 7045,9 - WSPR dail-frequence 7038,6
Dail: 7.038600MHz
TX: 7.040100MHz
idle and upload spots off. Only receiving mod.

The waterfall screen display a jiggle picture. No typical WSPR signals.
Are my settings correct?

Thanks a lot for helping.

vy 73
Karl Heinz, DL2XL