Kenwood TS-590S CAT Support in WSPR

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Kenwood TS-590S CAT Support in WSPR

The noise reduction/signal enhancement features of the new Kenwood TS-590S are impressive - I've recently been posting WSPR RX spots with this transceiver using only its USB connection with a Lonovo XP notepad. However, try as I may, I can't make WSPR 2.0 rig control work through the radio's USB interface (the Kenwood CAT software works fine).

To see more about this radio ==>

I do have a RigExpert Standard (sound card & CAT interface) & the radio does have a serial CAT port but there's no pull-down for a '590 in 2.0 (USB would be nice - a 1-cable connection!). Any ideas on TS-590S CAT support in WSPR?

Many Thanks in Advance.. ~~Roy ==