Elecraft k3

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Elecraft k3

New at WSPR and trying to get it up and going. I have the Elecraft K3
Here is my K3 setup
Using Data A
Filter is 2.7
CAT control (this seems to be working fine as I can change bands)
Line out on K3 to pink Mic on PC
Line in on K3 to lime green out on PC
Power set a 5 watts.
VOX is on
AGC set to slow

WSPR 2.0 setup
Audio in Microsoft mapper
Audio out Microsoft mapper
power 37
PTT method vox
PTT port none

CAT is Enabled
CAT Port com8
Serial rate 38400
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1
Handshake None

Now here are some of the issues
1)When I un-check the idle box the rig will go into Receive mode but at around -25 no matter what I do with sound card adjustments it will not move out of-25 to 30. I have adjusted wave line in mic and the volume and nothing as well as the balance.
2)Even though the CAT control works when WSPR moves to transmit the rig does not key up at all.