Decoding problems

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Decoding problems

Station ICOM 706Mk ll, Signalink USB interface, High Sierra ant.I am being heard well by looking at my reports on the WSPR home page but am not seeing any station lines in my main spectrograph time interval page, nor my band page, nor the main text area. Seem to have normal RCVR sensitivity on Digipan since I see several signals on different bands. Have tried 5 watts and 1 watt at 10 minute intervals. Only on one occasion I did see a local station signal on my spectrograph but he was 30db over nine. His signal was slightly wavy; not perfectly straight.His strong WSPR signal did not decode. Have noise level set at 1 db. When I decode the sample included with the WSPR program I have signals showing in both the band page and the main text area. My time is synched exactly with WWV. My signal TX drift reports are either 1 or zero. Am I out of luck with possibly a RCVR drift problem? Ted W7KM ? Email 73s and Thanks