WSPR 2.2 r2280 pagefaults on Linux 64-bit

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WSPR 2.2 r2280 pagefaults on Linux 64-bit
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Anyone care to help with a problem I am having getting WSPR to run on Ubuntu 10.04 x64?

I am able to get audio out and transmission without any problems, but the program is crashing when it switches to receive mode. It looks like the problem is due to audio issues with Linux audio (pulseaudio, alsa, or whatever else).

I have successfully compiled several of the recent SVN releases of the code, but I have yet to get one that works right on receive, only on transmit. I have attached a couple of text files with terminal output that shows what I get when I compile, and then what I get when the pagefault happens and it crashes on going to receive mode.

CAT, bandswitching, user info setup, and audio device selection within WSPR is working.