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Map interpretation

Is there a write-up on how to interpret the map? Age of the colored line paths, different colors on stations being red or blue. I notice I'm now on 10M today and I haven't heard any one yet and no one has heard me. I understand I'm on the map as KB7ST in the PacNW because I'm auto loading to the web site. So I found it interesting when clicking on my station to see my settings for TX % cycle, xmit freq and 37 dBm power. When I check other stations, I don't see this. Thus trying to better understand what I'm seeing.

Also I checked out the WSPR 2.0 User PDF and still unclear about several items. On the WSPR 2.0 display to the right bottom of the spectrogram, what is the red box with a freq of 171 hZ mean. Also, just to the right of the display is a graduated vertical scale of 0 to 200 or so and then a red horizontal line at 100. My dial freq is 28.124600 and TX freq on WSPR 2.0 display is 28.126100.

Also, using Elecraft K3 in DATA A mode, which is USB. WSPR is such narrow mode transmissions so what is recommended for setting bandwidth on my rig. I'm under the impression I'm listening in a 200 hZ B/W so should I adjust my rig bandwidth to 200 hZ?

Dennis KB7ST