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Hi Bruce,

Now that WSPR is getting to be so popular, I think the WSPRnet Map display is getting rather too congested for casual use.

I’ve some suggestions which may promote further discussion. This is a bit of a brain dump so appologies if it rambles on a bit.

Would it be possible to have the map start up with no bands selected rather than all? This would allow the map to load faster, and save having to wait until it has been completed before you can select another option.

If you perform a ‘show by callsign’ would it be possible to omit the lines and just have coloured ‘blobs’ for each reporting station. Perhaps the colour of blob could be used to indicate the average S/N and the size of the ‘blob’ could be used to indicate the number of spots contributed by that station. Clicking on the ‘blob’ could bring up further details and stats relating to the reporting station.

By using ‘blobs’ in this way the reports would build up to form a coloured overlay on the map which would give an indication of propagation conditions to a particular area.

With the advent of hopping it would be great to be able to quickly flick through maps of different bands with the same callsign selected. This would then provide a form of virtual animation showing paths that are open to the station being spotted on each band. Maybe this could also have a ‘step back by hour’ feature so that you could observe propagation changes on a specific band over a period of time, say 24 hours or 1 week for example.

Perhaps this could then be further extended to show paths not just be individual callsign but by prefix. Where all stations belonging to a particular state or country would provide an averaged report, which would be illustrated by the ‘blobs’.